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This business is part of MASONIC VILLAGES LIMITED.

Maunu Masonic Village is located in Horahora, Whangarei and offers 23 dwellings with RETIREMENT VILLAGES of independent retirement living.

In this well-maintained rental retirement community, which is close to the Whangarei hospital and shopping, Masons and Non-Masons are extremely welcome. The village's independent living options make it ideal for active retirees. The hamlet features a community hall that is frequently used by a number of neighbourhood organisations, adding to the vitality and interest of the community.

Each apartment has a single bedroom, a private bathroom and laundry area, and a bright view of the Trust-maintained grounds.

Local stores, medical facilities, and the hospital are all within easy walking distance of the village, and the gate has a bus stop.

No. of Units 23

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(Last Updated: 18th November 2019)

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