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Finding a funeral home or funeral service / director in New Zealand to help you in your time of need can be stressful. Not all funeral services are the same so hearing from people who have had to bury or cremate a loved one can be a source of comfort when making a decision on a funeral home.

If you’ve never experienced the death of a family member or loved one, then deciding on who will handle the funeral service, the burial or cremation, what type of coffin or casket and who the funeral minister or celebrant is going to be, can be very difficult at such a time. There are a range of funeral service providers, some that will handle the entire process from collection to cremation themselves and others that will manage the process for you. Aged Advisor New Zealand has made it simple to look at the funeral options available by giving visitors the opportunity to compare funeral services, funeral directors and crematoriums and see what others have experienced. Whether you’re looking for advice on costs of funerals, what to do and who to talk to, you should be able to find and compare a range of funeral firms available right here.

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