Aged Advisor

This site has been designed to make looking for the right Retirement Village or Aged Care facilities simpler and easier.
We at Aged Advisor are locals that have first hand experience with Retirement Villages and / or Aged Care, either through our line of work (providing services to residents within these facilities) or by having friends or family members living there. We do not own or run any aged care facilities or retirement villages, and we do not own any shares (personally or as a company) in any Retirement Village groups - so we have no financial interests in these facilities. We simply want the best for the people that live there or are looking to make a decision of moving to one.
With the growth rate of people 65+ expected to double over the next 15 years more New Zealanders will be looking for Retirement or restcare options. Our current aged care facilities are operating at high occupancy levels already and restcare providers are building new facilities to cater for the increasing market - and yet NO SITE existed to review and compare these facilities in this rapidly growing demographic within NZ.
(Source: Statistics New Zealand (2009) Impact of structural population change)
We trust that Aged Advisor will help you make an informed decision on where you or your loved one(s) spend that next stage of their lives.
Any comments, please feel free to email us at comments@agedadvisor.co.nz