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HBH Senior Living on 139 ON UNION Retirement Village

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  • 2 Bedroom Apartment
  • 1 bedroom Apartment

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This business is part of HBH Senior Living.

139 ON UNION Retirement Village in Howick, Auckland is run by Howick Baptist Health. Their website describes 139 On Union Retirement Village as "a unique retirement concept for the south eastern suburbs - providing a small and intimate community with a sense of gracious living away from all the hustle and bustle."

It continues to state that 139 On Union has "42 independent one or two bedroom apartments, some with a utility room, in the complex. They all have a contemporary, fresh interior design and provide easy flow and convenient access to amenities."

139 On Union Retirement Village provides "older people the opportunity to maintain their independence and live with dignity and safety in their own home whilst knowing that support and nursing care is available if required."

There is a rest home and hospital on the grounds, plus the apartments have been designed to allow for extensive nursing care if needed. "This means apartment owners who might, in the future, need additional care would, in all likelihood, receive that care in their own apartment."

No. of Units 42

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(Last Updated: 6th December 2022)

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1 bedroom Apartment
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2 Bedroom Apartment
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