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Aged Care Information   (Last Updated: 15th May 2018)

This facility is owned by St Patrick's Home and Hospital Limited.

St Patrick's Home and Hospital is located in Epsom, Auckland and offers 54 rest home and hospital beds.

No. of Beds 56


Aged Care Staff

We provide 24 hour nursing coverage. The RN team are highly skilled and experienced, able to care for clients with high and complex needs, for example managing Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), PICC antibiotics infusion, and Peritoneal Dialysis etc.
We have a high coverage of qualified senior healthcare assistants who provide personal care to residents. We pride ourselves on the level of training provided and our staff are continuously learning and developing, keeping up to date with best practice.


Aged Care Management

The owners and operators of St Patrick’s Home & Hospital are David Rankin, Jenny Liu and Chao Geng. David has awarded Bachelor of Engineering degree from The University of Auckland; and MBA from Auckland University of Technology. David is also a New Zealand Registered Plumber, Both Jenny and Chao are New Zealand trained Registered Nurse with current Annual Practice Certificate from New Zealand Nursing Council. Jenny has also awarded Master of Nursing degree from the University of Auckland, with rehabilitation nursing background. Jenny has been working at St Patricks Home and Hospital as a Clinical Manager and Facility Manager for two years. Jenny will continue working with Chao as Assistant Clinical Manager to provide the best nursing care


Aged Care Activities

At St Patrick’s Home &Hospital, we have physiotherapist assistant, activity coordinator and a diversionary therapist provide and coordinate a range of engaging activities, including walks and outings, word games, art and floor games. We strongly encourage residents to participate in our exercise programme, such as group activities, including Taichi and two or three trips per week to concerts and cafes. We attend morning melody once a month. We have musicians and other entertainers who visit several times per week. We hold a 'happy hour' on the last Friday of each month from 3 pm to 4 pm. Entertainment is provided on the day and we welcome family, friends and prospective residents to join us.


Facility services offered
  • Palliative (End of Life)
  • Geriatric
  • Medical (hospital care)
  • Rest home care
  • Respite Care
  • Studio Unit

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Reviewed by : Roserosemary May 2019
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Thank you

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Reviewed by : cathyge May 2019
Staff Member> 100 days / visits

good facility

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Reviewed by : ramya167 Jun 2018
Staff Member< 10 days / visits

Friendly and Caring Staff...

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