Aranui Home and Hospital
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Aranui Home and Hopsital

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  • Rest home care
  • Dementia care
  • Geriatric
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  • Responsive Mgmt

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Aged Care Information   

This facility is owned by Aranui Home & Hospital Limited.

Aranui Home and Hospital is located in Mount Albert in Auckland. Aranui provides a 27 person rest home, and 23 person hospital, with a 24/7 registered nurse. Both Rest Home and Hospital have a call bell system to ensure that residents are able to receive help.

The Aranui website states that âAranui prides itself on: Friendly, homely atmosphere, Strong links with the local community, Stimulating environment, varied activity programme.â It goes on to say that: âAranui is small enough to care, but big enough to have a we have expertise in four specialist areas, all on one large site, Rest Home, Hospital, Dementia, and Dementia day care.â

According to the website, the dementia unit at Arauni: âThis 25-bed state-of-the-art facility was recently built adjoining Aranui Rest Home & Hospital. It has been purpose-built to cater for the specific needs of dementia clients. Research was carried out in the planning stages and the unit has been modelled on successful contemporary dementia facilities in Australia. When you look around you'll see that everything has been carefully considered to create the best possible environment for those with dementia.â

No. of Beds 85

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Kate McGregor

Show number

(09) 846 2944

Aranui Home and Hospital
19 Woodward Road
Mount Albert
New Zealand  

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DHB Details

Certification period: 36 months (Good)
Certificate renewal date: 29th January, 2020
Auditor: The DAA Group Limited
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Reviewed by : daviesbay
May 2016

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Product/Service Name: Aranui Home and Hospital

Aranui Home and Hospital
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Reviewed by : daviesbay
May 2015

  • Family member / Friend
  • > 100 days / visits

Excellent Dementia Care Facility


Product/Service Name: Aranui Home and Hospital

Aranui Home and Hospital
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