Pacific Haven Residential Care
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Pacific Haven Residential Care

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  • Rest home care
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  • Caring Staff

  • Responsive Mgmt

  • Outdoor Activity

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Aged Care Information   

This facility is owned by Straven Enterprises Limited.

Pacific Haven Residential Care is located in New Brighton, Christchurch and offers Rest home care aged care in a 30 bed facility.

No. of Beds 30

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Pramila Nand
Nurse Manager

Show number

(03) 388 7170

Pacific Haven Residential Care
365 Marine Parade
New Brighton
New Zealand  

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DHB Details

Canterbury District Health Board
Certification period: 36 months (Good)
Certificate renewal date: 3rd November, 2019
Auditor: Health and Disability Auditing New Zealand Limited
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Reviewed by : Elizabeth121
Feb 2015

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Product/Service Name: Pacific Haven Residential Care

Pacific Haven Residential Care
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