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Addington Gardens Care

Addington Gardens Care
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Services offered
  • Palliative (End of Life)
  • Geriatric
  • Dementia care
  • Medical Hospital care
  • Rest home care

Service Information

This business is part of Oceania Care Company Limited.

Public Information : The Oceania Health Care website states that Addington Lifestyle Village is "Modern with a -home away from home- atmosphere, where our friendly and cheerful team, makes everyone feel welcome." It continues by saying "Addington Lifestyle Care caters for resthome, dementia and hospital level of care. Our rooms are spacious and all come with personal en suites." It also says that it has "a passion for pets -something our staff and residents share. You will often find our resident cat curled up in a sunny spot, always happy to be woken for a stroke or a cuddle."

No. of Bed 97

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(Last Updated: 13th November 2023)

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Addington Gardens Care
Family member / Friend. > 100 days / visits
"Caring and Accommodating..."
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Addington Gardens Care
Family member / Friend. 10 - 100 days / visits
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DHB Audit Details

Further Rest Home Certification and Audits Information.

Addington Gardens Care
Audit Certification period: 36 months (Good)
Certificate renewal date: 3rd October, 2026
Auditor: The DAA Group Limited
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Why we have Rest Home Audits

All rest homes and aged residential care facilities are certified and audited to ensure they:

  • provide safe, appropriate care for their residents
  • meet the standards set out in the Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001.

Types of audit and when they happen

Certification / Surveillance Audits
Certification audits happen every 1–4 years. After the audit, rest homes are certified for a set period of time (the exact length depends on how well the rest home performed at the certification audit). Once this time is up, the rest home must be re-audited and its certification renewed.
An unannounced spot audit (also called a surveillance audit) happens around the middle of a rest home’s certification period. The spot audit ensures progress has been made on outstanding areas identified in the earlier certification audit and that standards haven’t slipped.
In addition to audits, rest homes have to report to their DHB on how they are addressing issues found at audit. These improvements are then verified at the next audit event.
Other types of audit
Provisional audits happen when a provider purchases a certified rest home from another provider.
Partial provisional audits happen when a provider wants to add services to their certificate (eg, a rest home adding hospital-level care), when a new rest home is built, or when a provider adds capacity or reconfigures their services (eg, builds a new wing, upgrades rooms). Before 2014, audits for adding capacity or reconfiguring services were referred to as verification audits.
Ministry inspections
Rest homes may have unannounced inspections by the Ministry under the Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001 in the event of a serious complaint.
DHB issues-based audits
DHBs can conduct issues-based audits under the Aged Related Residential Care Contract. For information on these audits please contact the relevant DHB.