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Retirement Village Information   (Last Updated: 9th January 2017)

This facility is owned by ABBEYFIELD.

The Abbeyfield Retirement Living website states that Abbeyfield Retirement Village in Dunedin "provides affordable rental housing for older people offering companionship, security and Independence." Abbeyfield promotes local community-based and volunteer-led societies to develop and manage local Abbeyfield Houses, that provide older people with a dignified way of life (at a cost that's affordable from national superannuation and supplementary assistance)".

Abbeyfield Dunedin explains that they "provide a peaceful, friendly atmosphere where residents live with independence, companionship and security in a family style environment. You have a home within a home offering support when you need it from our professional and caring house staff and volunteers."

No. of Units 8
No. of Beds 8


Retirement Village Management

Abbeyfield Dunedin (Inc) is a not-for-profit incorporated society.

Facility services offered

  • Studio Unit

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