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This business is part of ABBEYFIELD.

Abbeyfield Ellesmere is located in Leeston, Ellesmere and offers 14 Studio Units of independent retirement living.

Abbeyfield Ellesmere is conveniently located in the centre of Leeston, close to the town's shopping district, hospital, and other services. Leeston Park, a sizable recreation area and sports complex, is located close by.

It was constructed specifically for Abbeyfield and inaugurated in 2018. It is wheelchair and walking frame friendly and level throughout.
There are 14 roomy studio apartments there, each with a terrace and a tiny garden. There is a sizable open-plan living and dining area where people may unwind and socialise.

The residence is operated by Abbeyfield Ellesmere and was built with the assistance of the Selwyn District Council, Rata Foundation, Ellesmere Lions, Ellesmere Vintage Club, and several local benefactors.
Abbeyfield Ellesmere is a rental retirement house.

No. of Units 14


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(Last Updated: 26th March 2023)

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