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This business is part of ABBEYFIELD.

Opened in 2006, Abbeyfield Auckland is situated in Sandringham, Auckland and is a residence featuring rental studios tailored for independent retirement living. With a total of 11 Studio Units, this two-story house is designed for accessibility, catering to wheelchair and walking frame users. The upper floor is easily accessible via a lift.

The ground floor comprises 7 rooms, each with a small patio, while the upper floor boasts 4 rooms with balconies offering scenic views of the neighborhood and Mt Albert. All rooms and communal areas are equipped with underfloor heating, ensuring a comfortable environment. The building is equipped with modern fire safety and security systems.

There's a dedicated shed for mobility scooters, and on-site car parking is available. Abbeyfield Auckland provides a thoughtfully designed and secure environment for those seeking a fulfilling retirement experience.

No. of Units 11


Retirement Village Management

The house is managed by Abbeyfield Auckland. To see all the Abbeyfield houses

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(Last Updated: 21st December 2023)

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