A Guide to NOT Acting Your Age.

Posted on : Mar 27, 2015

Get Up and Go! How many times have we heard the cry that we must exercise if we want to enjoy healthy older age? Often, it is only when we are under threat of disease that we are spurred into action to improve our fitness. In our short-sightedness we believe that our health is never an issue until it's an issue. But is there another way? What else can help us to get going and embrace an active Third Age?

In her book  "Get Up and Go!", Shelley Burt addresses this, and other questions that we ask about aging well. She hones in on what's happening in New Zealand now, what happens to our bodies as we age and identifies some 'Myths of aging". Then there's a dozen stories of people like us, ranging in age from 54 to 86, each with there struggles or health issues and what they did to overcome them.

Shelley says "The intention of this book is not to make you feel guilty. You only need to look at women's magazines and advertising for that. But I would be thrilled if it disturbed and motivated you to change your current lifestyle toward a healthier and longer life."

The stories are pretty inspirational; covering people who overcome debilitating arthritis to a woman whose diagnosis of breast cancer spurred her on to run 31 marathons as well as take up cycling at 60 years old. Real people who have had bypass surgery or hip operations or no proper active life prior to realising that life could be much better. As an example, Shelley points out that, an inactive 80 year old is at a critical point where they have only just enough strength. If they get the 'flu' and are in bed for a week, their remaining muscle strength declines even further and they lose essential function. Research has shown that retraining 80-year-olds with weights and resistance programs achieves dramatic results, improving all-round health and increasing capacity in sufferers of chronic bronchitis, emphysema and heart failure.

There's also plenty of simple hints and tips for getting started on this new journey or even making little improvements that, over time, will greatly improve well-being and quality of life.

The book is available for only $10 by contacting the Publisher direct or via their website. If purchasing using either of these methods, simply quote "AGEDADVISOR" and you will receive 25% off the normal purchase price.


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