Age pays! Saving a buck Monday to Sunday

Posted on : Jul 18, 2023

Age pays! Saving a buck Monday - Sunday


Amongst the many benefits of aging and hitting a number starting with ‘6’, is accessing those enticing senior discounts! We all know too well with the increasing cost of living crisis that every dollar counts, so why not milk the system and make the most of those available cost cutting opportunities? 
So how does this work? Once your NZ Superannuation or Veteran’s Pension has been granted, the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) will automatically send your SuperGold Card in the mail. This usually only takes a few weeks, but you may have to wait a month or two if you apply for New Zealand Superannuation prior to your 65th birthday. If you’re not eligible to receive Superannuation NZ, you can still apply for a SuperGold Card. Simply fill in the SuperGold Card application. You can find out more as well as search for what’s available in your region on the SuperGold Card website.
Fancy a discount at the supermarket or pump? We’ve compiled a way to save money seven days a week:
By signing up for an exclusive SuperGold version of My Challenge card you can get a minimum fuel discount of 8c per litre everyday (selected South Island stores offer up to 12c per litre discount).  Members also earn 1 My Challenge Point for every $1 spent which can be redeemed for rewards in-store. Find out more here.
Countdown offers a discount of 5% (at selected stores listed) to SuperGold card holders on any Tuesday (SuperGold discount). Customers must scan their SuperGold Card at the checkout or self-checkout in-store to receive the discount. Onecard members who are also SuperGold card holders, can also swipe their Onecard to receive additional discounts and earn rewards. Find out more here.
$3 any size McCafé® Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate at McCafé restaurants only during McCafé operating hours OR Free McDonald's small filter coffee, tea or hot chocolate at all non-McCafé restaurants (or at McCafé restaurants outside of McCafé operating hours). Find out more here.


$9.50 Movie Tickets every day for sessions commencing before 5pm at Hoyts Cinemas. The $9.50 Morning Tea Screenings (movie ticket & complimentary tea or coffee) includes food discounts too! To access, just add your birthday to your member profile (accessed via “My Account” in the dropdown menu on the top right hand side of the website when logged in). Find out more here.


Celebrate the end of the week with a stiff drink! Get 5% off on all / selected products as a SuperGold holder only at participating Super Liquor stores. Simply present your SuperGold card in store when making a purchase. 
Depending where you live in the country, your local City Council pools will usually give a discount on the full adult cost for a dip. Christchurch City Council offers a discount of 25% on the full costs, while Auckland will give you a reduced concession card price. 
Save yourself the stress of cooking and enjoy a meal out! Depending where you live, enjoy a discount or free drink thanks to your senior status. Check out some ideas of where you could head here  

With so many amazing discounts and options on offer, everyone can afford to fully enjoy opportunites and experiences well passed retirement!