Travel Friendly Options As You Age

Posted on : Mar 22, 2023

Travel Friendly Options As You Age


Just because we’re aging, it doesn’t mean we don’t need to get places! The way in which we travel as the years pass may simply take on a new form. The consideration given to getting around might need to expand locally and even internationally. Perhaps it’s not only age that can motivate a change of route - many of us are now also considering the environmental impact of our travel choices too.
  • Get walking! Move it or loose it! If you are retired you’ll (hopefully) have more time to get places. Yes you could drive to the local supermarket for that loaf of bread, but what if you pop in some headphones and get the blood pumping with a walk there instead?  
  • If you can’t drive anymore, consider going electric. Electric scooters can go up to around 17km/hr and include a nice big basket on the front and a decent sized pack on the back. They’re also easy on the environment. Electric bicycles have gained huge popularity amongst the older generation - providing an opportunity to combine transport with an inclusive level of exercise that suit so many types of bodies. 
  • Companies such as Driving Miss Daisy offer wonderfully helpful services and can take you to appointments, shopping trips, scenic drives and airport transfers. 
  • Perhaps you’ll give up driving as much when you hit 65 and are rewarded with a Gold Card and free or reduced price public transport. It’s enticing to not have to factor in where to park and the cost of petrol, plus you might enjoy the added benefit of meeting a nice like-minded soul to chat to during the journey!



  • If you’d like to see a bit more of this gorgeous nation we reside in, consider a bus tour. Often these tours cater to the over 65 market and make it easy going. Many tour companies offer guided tours specifically designed for seniors, they set the timetable, with activities, places to stop and eat and organise accommodation, all with a very comfortable spacious bus to get you from A to B.  
  • There is also the option of self-driving. Rent a campervan to explore New Zealand’s scenic landscapes and attractions. Don’t forget to inquire about whether they offer senior discounts. The NZTA provides information on driver licensing requirements for seniors.
  • Cruise around the land of the long white cloud via ship! Our scenic waterways and coastline make a popular destination for cruises. The top cruise line companies offer special services and amenities depending on your age and abilities.



There’s more than just cruises on the menu that can suit a more mature audience’s appetite for adventure. 

  • Take a flight from one of our nation’s international airports. Many airlines offer special services for elderly passengers, such as wheelchair assistance and priority boarding.
  • Cruises speak for themselves with popularity amongst this age group! Aside from wheelchair-accessible cabins and medical facilities onboard, cruises are often tailormade with knowledge of the types of activities and destinations you’d love to comfortably travel to and amongst.
  • As with nationally, consider using a travel agency to organise flights and transfers to indulge in a tour over land. Your travel agency will be able to recommend tours specifically designed for people just like you and take care of the boring admin of booking accommodation and knowing the best places to dine.


With any type of travel nationally or internationally, it's important to obtain travel insurance that covers any medical emergencies or unexpected cancellations. Some insurance companies  may have age restrictions or require additional medical information, so it’s recommended to shop around for the best policy. Organisation is key to success for any kind of travelling you intend to do - plan your trip in advance and consult with a travel agent or tour company to ensure a smooth and comfortable, stress free experience!