Show me the money!

Posted on : Jan 25, 2023

Show me the money!
A quick overview of government subsidies and financial assistance for elders within Aotearoa.
In New Zealand, the government provides a range of subsidies and financial assistance to help people pay for aged care services. The specific subsidies and assistance available can vary depending on the individual's circumstances, and the type of care they are receiving.


Some of the main government subsidies and financial assistance available include:
1. Residential Care Subsidy:
This subsidy is available to individuals aged 50-64 and single with no dependent children, or those 65 and older. You need to be assessed as needing long-term residential care in a hospital or rest home and are needing this care for an indefinite length of time and are receiving contracted care services. It may also depend on any money or assets you and your partner have and what you earn. The amount of the subsidy is based on your income and assets and is intended to help cover the cost of accommodation and care. You can find out more about the Residential Care Subsidy on the work and income website - www.workandincome.govt.nz


2. Disablement Pension:
Disablement Pension is a fortnightly payment for people who have a disability caused by a war or other emergency they served in. For more information about disablement pension and how to apply for this, visit the veterans affairs website - veteransaffairs.mil.nz/a-z/disablement-pension


3. Community Services Card:


This card provides discounts on health-related services for people with low incomes. You may get the Community Services Card if you are 16 or over, and are either a New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident. It also depends on how much income you and your partner get. You can get more information about the Community Services Card at the Work and Income website - www.workandincome.govt.nz
4. Help with housing and paying rent:


If you’re having trouble finding or affording a stable home, you may be able to get access to low-cost housing or help with accommodation costs. You can find information about financial help for housing costs, rates, and also apply for low cost housing by following this link - https://www.govt.nz/browse/housing-and-property/getting-help-with-housing/rent-and-housing-costs/


It's worth noting that these are just a few examples of the subsidies and financial assistance available for aged care in New Zealand and other types of support may exist as well. Eligibility criteria, application process and funding levels may also vary depending on the government policy and budget on each year, so it's important to check with the relevant authorities or service providers for the latest information and guidance.