Going into rest home or hospital care?

Posted on : Oct 11, 2015

Going into rest home or hospital care?

The following information is provided on the HealthInfo website as part of Canterbury District Health Board advice to help you make an informed choice.

Many people thinking of going into residential care assume the Government will pay through the Residential Care Subsidy process; however, this is not necessarily the case. Anyone who believes they may need rest home or hospital care must be assessed by staff from the CDHB’s Older Persons Health Specialist Service (OPHSS). This is the only Needs Assessment and Service Coordination provider in Canterbury able to approve your need for residential care.

The OPHSS’s assessment will focus on all of your health and support needs, and we will discuss the outcome with you and other specialist staff within the service. A decision will then be made about whether you need supports to help you remain at home or if entry to rest home care is in your best interests. The people who assessed you will also be able to advise whether or not you might be eligible to apply for a Residential Care Subsidy If you are assessed by OPHSS as needing care, you and your family can apply for the Residential Care Subsidy through WINZ. You will be means tested and your assets will be taken into account.

If you are not eligible for a subsidy due to the level of your own assets you would need to pay for the care privately.

Information is available from WINZ about asset levels. If you are assessed as not needing care and choose to pay privately for residential care you and your family need to be aware that if your funds become depleted, you would then need to be assessed by OPHSS to see if you are eligible for residential care. If you do not meet the criteria for residential care, you will not be eligible to apply for a subsidy. Our recommendation is that you always check with OPHSS Community Service Team by calling 03 337 7765 about your own situation before making any major decisions relating to your wish to go into care.

For further information see:
The book: A Question of Care, available from OPHSS
Ministry of Health website https://www.cdhb.health.nz/health-services/service/older-persons-health/
WINZ website https://www.workandincome.govt.nz/eligibility/health-and-disability/residential-care.html