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Princess Alexandra [Aged Care]
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Aged Care Information   (Last Updated: 22nd May 2019)

This facility is owned by Ryman Healthcare Ltd.

Winner: 2019 Trusted Brand Aged Care & Retirement Villages

At Ryman villages, we’re dedicated to caring for you now and into your future.
We welcome residents from the wider community, and if you’re an existing Ryman resident you will have priority access to care options that suit your needs.

Anthony Wilding Retirement Village provides independent living and assisted living in serviced apartments. We also provide resthome, hospital and dementia care.

The care we provide is individualised to suit your needs. Our care app, myRyman, is available on an electronic device in every resident’s room. Allowing nurses and carers to access detailed information about your needs and preferences while they are caring for you

No. of Beds 128

Facility services offered
  • Dementia care
  • Medical (hospital care)
  • Rest home care
  • Respite Care
  • Townhouse (3+ bdrm)
  • Townhouse (2 bdrm)
  • Townhouse (1 bdrm)
  • Apartment (3 bdrm)
  • Apartment (2 bdrm)
  • Studio Unit

Reviews / Feedback for Princess Alexandra [Aged Care]

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Reviewed by : Fanboy Aug 2020
Family member / Friend. 10 - 100 days / visits

Continuity of care not clearly explained

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Reviewed by : Bruce Nov 2015
Family member / Friend. 10 - 100 days / visits

My Mum's Manor

Princess Alexandra [Aged Care]Read more
Reviewed by : [Name withheld at users request] Oct 2015
Family member / Friend. > 100 days / visits

Lovely and caring

Princess Alexandra [Aged Care]Read more

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