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This facility is owned by ARVIDA Villages.

Cascades Retirement Village in Hamilton Lake, Hamilton is described as "a timeless yet contemporary architectural landmark in the heart of Hamiltons blue ribbon area and central district. Conveniently located opposite Hamilton Lake Domain and Lake Rotoroa, plus only one minute drive from Hamiltons public hospital."

Part of the Saunderson Group of villages, their website says "Whether you chose to live independently in an apartment, an assisted living apartment, you can be assured you will always be respected and cared for."

They offer peace of mind to couples who, with our support, are able to stay together throughout their lifetime, regardless of the level of care each may require. Experienced registered nurses and caregivers are on hand 24 hours a day. Medical practitioners, physiotherapists and podiatrists visit on a regular basis. Emergency call assistance is available to you at all times.

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Facility services offered

  • Apartment (2 bdrm)

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Entry Conditions

Fee model
10% per year, for 2 years + 10% upfront.
Maximum 30%
Minimum Age of Entry
Lowest Known Price
Apartment (1 bdrm)
Highest Known Price
Apartment (2 bdrm)
Capital Gain
Capital Loss (if any)
Maintenance Fees Starting from
$250 per week
(Paid Weekly)
Maintenance Fee Increases?
Undisclosed (CPI used)